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My name is Grrronk™
and I'm green.

I know I'm a dog
so it's the silliest thing,
For a dog to be green, I mean.
I rolled in the grass
and turned green as a pea.
Cus that's what dogs do
to have fun, 
don't you see?
Together let's play 
You and Me!



I never met a bug I didn't love.
Never saw a bird I didn't covet.
Never knew a dog who could resist me,
because when I purr, I purr a melody
Snuggle and cuddle and squeeze me tight.
The closer we get you'll see it feels right.

I'm Purrlonia™ the cat. I'm playfuland fun.

You toss and I'll run. Just squeeze me to please me!




I'm Chewdalootie™
and I'm your new cutie
I'm not a dog of convention
I'm starved for attention!
So tug me and hug me
roll over and fetch
I'll wiggle and twist
let's chase and play catch!

I chew and I chew that's just what I do!

Come fetch me and try to catch me!




My name is Max, I'm a cat.

Maximum Cat to be exact. 
I'm blue, it's true, which is unusual to you. 
To feline or canine, I'm all things devine, 
I'm guaranteed to be not odd but unique!

My name is Maximum Cat.

I'm blue it's true, more fun for you-

to chase a blue cat that's a fact!




I'm Kittywimpuss™
one 'attitude' cat
in a rumply fur suit
and red polka dot hat.
I hiss and I fuss 
but that's just a tease
I'm your new cat
so do what you please!

Cats catch as cats can.

Dogs play til the drop,

together we don't stop!


Cha Chaz™


My name is Cha Chaz and not just by chance.

My name is Cha Chaz because I love to dance.

Dogs, just like people love to have fun,
squeeze me and tease me
let's jump and run
our playtime together
has only just begun!

Toss me and tug me,

give me a flip and a flop.

Just don't stop!